Rebuilding Your Engine


Only a small handful of shops will attempt rebuilding a Subaru engine. I like to think Apple is one of the best out of that handful. I have been building engines since the mid 70's and have a couple race engines that have done well. I have done a lot of the machine work on the engines I have built, so I know how to check for machining errors.

Replacing rings, bearings and doing a valve grind is usually referred to as a rebuild.


Due to the hard cylinder liners, tight tolerances and tricky break-in of the piston rings of Subaruís boxer engines, most repair shops and machine shops do not attempt rebuilding these engines.


The current price of $3,000 includes remove and replacing the engine, all parts, labor, machining, fluids and a 3 year /50,000 mi. warranty.


All exchange engines require a rebuild-able core or $500.

Cutaway view of Subaruís Turbo DOHC (quad cam) Boxer Engine.

Why is it called a BOXER engine?

The name comes from how the pistons move. The first two pistons and the second two move in and out at the same time, like a boxer hitting his hands together.