Our team "Outta Sight Racing" (Named by Paul for the nostalgia aspect of the Mexican 1000) was made up of Paul Fournier (owner-driver of the #12 '97 Subaru Outback), his wife Laura as navigator, Cory (helper-mechanic), Ted (AKA Dude) driving his Chevy Silverado and towing a fishing boat as chase truck, Mike--Ted's cousin, and myself David King--mechanic. I decided to tag along within the last month to go. The others in our group were Luke (owner/rider on the Honda 650cc) Allen driving his Toyota 4 Runner as chase truck with trailer and bike parts.

The course for the Mexican 1000 is actually 1,200 miles with Special Stage Sections (timed, off-road) and Transit Stages (non-timed paved roads). The total miles were almost equally divided between on and off road. Depending on your class, horsepower is not a major concern in this event, although there were buggy's that had an excess of this commodity. Paul had raced this event twice before on a vintage Honda 350 in both 2011 and 2012. So last year, when he asked me to sponsor him (engine-wise) he was easily able to answer my questions such as; "How hot will the air temperature be? What is the average speed? What is the expected top speed? Which Subaru model will you be racing?" All these factors are critical to how an engine is put together. The overriding factor that guided the engine build was reliability. Because of this, we stuck with the stock engine with some performance/reliability upgrades. This turned out to be good strategy. Because of finances Paul left the suspension/struts stock.

Paul, Cory and Luke drove down to San Diego a week early. Paul tailored the Outback with his Sprinter Van; Luke drove Allen's 4 Runner with his bike in tow. Allen and I flew down to San Diego on the 26
th and we all drove over to Ted's house in Escondido. Here we repacked and decided what to take over the border. We knew the Sprinter van and car trailer would stay as it would be too expensive to insure it with the required Mexican insurance. The next day our caravan of two trucks and the Outback drove over to Mexicali--the starting point of the race.

2013 Mexican 1000

Last minute work and adjustments.

Nothing left to do.