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DAY ONE: Sunday April 28th    Mexicali to Bay of L.A.


The motorcycles started at 6:30am at the dry lake bed Laguna Salada. The cars started an hour later in town. Paul started last (according to class/speed). Since there were over 100 cars starting Paul had to wait about an hour and a half—they left at 1 minute intervals. We could not hang around for the start as we needed to be at the first checkpoint when they got there. I ended up in the support truck for Luke somehow and met him on the highway checkpoint. The Honda sounded ok and the ominous noise had disappeared. He gassed up and took off down the highway. About ten miles later he pulled over to the shoulder with the engine locked up. Not a good thing. What was good was that we were right behind him with the truck, trailer and tools. Two hours later they loaded the bike on the trailer determined to tear it down at the motel this evening. Around noon we rolled through San Felipe and stopped at an open air, mom and pop taco stand. It appears that almost everything is mom and pop and open air. I noticed I could tell time by the air temperature and visa-versa, At 6:00am it was in the 60’s, at 7:00am in the 70’s and so forth, topping out around 150degrees in the afternoon. By 4:00pm everyone spontaneously combusted if not coated with SPF 1000!

Taco stand above where we stopped in San Felipe. Also, taking a luggage check break while on a section of the course while we were passed by racers and other chase trucks. Also a picture of famous “Coco’s Corner” hurriedly snapped as we drove passed. Coco is a one legged Mexican that lives a hundred miles from no-where but his little shack is on every map of Baja and it is right on the course. Be sure to stop in and sign his guest book.


Lots of patience required waiting for your turn to go, followed by several hours of terrifying, white knuckle driving!