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Saturday April 27th Mexicali

While registration, tech inspection and general hoop-la was going on I helped Luke unload his homemade Honda 650. When he started it, it made a very concerning noise. It was coming from either the clutch or     transmission. Luke and Cory commenced taking it apart. I missed seeing Paul take the Subaru through tech inspection. I did wander over later taking pictures of a portion of the cars and motorcycles.

Most of my interest in the cars went right to the monster suspension every car had, except ours!

I was snapping pictures of everyone’s shocks, springs and articulated suspension. I had a very uneasy feeling. I put it out of my mind. We had what we had, we were here. No turning back. Still, these cars were sporting 2, 3, even four shocks per wheel. . . I know the cost of one corner on these buggy’s suspension exceeded the whole purchase price of our Outback--$700.


Our closest competitor in a Mitsubishi Eclipse in his blog explained the difference between the Baja and Mexican 1000 like this:
"Almost everyone has heard of the Baja 1000, and even I did not understand what the Mexican 1000 is. Essentially, it is what the Baja 1000 was before that race started requiring you to have a trophy truck with 36" of suspension leaping 3' whoops at 100 mph. The Mexican 1000 is a lot more relaxed and caters to a more historic/nostalgic sort of competitor."

It's not nearly as intense but the special stage sections can be just as brutal. The organizing group NORRA (National Off Road Racing Association) made the race into a 4 day event. The Baja 1000 is a straight through race around the clock. The M1K is fun because everyone stops for the night in a different town, the driver's swap stories while the mechanics leap into action and repair the crippled cars. It is not unusual to have the support crew work all night long on the car and then try to catch some sleep during the day. I talked to other crews that welded frames, replaced head gaskets and even replaced complete engines. One team brought a complete replica race truck for parts or total replacement.

Ultimate off-road ‘57 Chevy

‘64 Ford Galaxy

Three shocks per wheel

6 cylinder Porsche powered.

Should have enough power for 2 people

‘29 Willies Whippet