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I would have liked to explore the quaint town called the Bay of LA or “Bahia De Los Angeles,”

However, it was late about 9:30-10:00. Most eateries were closed, sidewalks were rolled up and some teams were busy with repairs, including Luke’s team Honda which had their motor mostly torn down on the porch of their motel. We decided to change the other strut in the morning since we were so tired. Thus ended day one. Miles covered: 400.

DAY 2: Monday, April 29th  Bay of LA to Loreto


5:30am 75 degrees.

Luke and Cory worked until 2am on the Honda engine and got it freed up. When they started it this morning it ran less than a minute with some bottom end noises. Looks like the end of the line for the Honda. Luke is quite, but vows to tackle it again next year. Knocked down but not defeated!


We had the right strut out and changed it to match the one I had put in at the dirt parking lot with lots of time to spare. Paul complained about the AC not working. I gave him my best “Mom Look.” Seriously? We were one of just a couple of the vehicles in this competition that even had a front windshield much less air conditioning AND power windows AND power door locks! But I dutifully checked the AC and found it was working, and asked Paul what his average speed was. It was usually 20-30 mph. Well, in 100 degree weather, going that slow with an under drive pulley, my suggestion was to turn off the AC, roll the windows down and eat dust or pound sand whatever comes first.


What the chase crew stares at for hours.

Start of day 2

Day 2 damage—mere cosmetics!

Norra’s sweep truck which helped out Paul. They broke part of their suspension on day 2 and had to get it welded that night. Penhal Buggy on right: approx. cost $150,000,  out of action due to a melted throttle cable. They did not have a spare!           The driver operated the throttle with an electrical wire by hand for 75 miles!