“Break Down and Win.”

The 2014 Mexican 1000


Q. What do a 1969 VW Bug and a 1997 Subaru Outback have in common?                                                              A. They both competed in this year’s Mexican 1000 (M1k). Other than that, nothing.

    I got involved with one of these teams—Outta Sight Racing, the only Subaru team last year when asked to build the engine for Paul’s grocery getter #12. My dream as a young kid was to race the Baja 1000 on a Husqvarna motorcycle. Dreams change with lack of money, so here was a chance to be a small part of it.                                                     

    There have been so many articles about the Baja 1000 and its cousin the Mexican 1000 that many off road magazines may give just a passing nod that it even took place. After all, they have both been running every year since the 60’s, so what’s new?

    The winners are almost predictable, almost always the guys with the most money. This story will focus on two   racers, Paul Fournier and Kent Thygerson.

    I was part of the chase crew for Paul’s Outback in 2013 and this year I drove down to just observe, have fun and be there if something big went wrong. The start of the race was in Ensenada, Baja Mexico. My wife and I were there for tech inspection and the festivities on May 10th, 2014.

    I talked to the owner of car #569 (a 1969 VW)—Kent Thygerson of San Diego at length because both Paul and Kent had entered this race on a shoestring. Kent has paid for almost everything out of his pocket as Paul has. A few local shops have helped out with expenses or labor but they do not have the fat wallets or sponsorships that give the big boys an advantage. The Mexican 1000 was created with the grass roots racer in mind so the low budget, average Joe can buy or rebuild a vintage buggy and go crazy out in the Mexican desert.  I say low budget but it is all relative. The entrance fees this year alone are as follows: Driver of Record: Registration $2367 Wristband: $100, NORRA Membership: $75. Co-Driver: $120, Crew: $120, Friends and Family, Cabo party wristband: $75.

2014 Mexican 1000



With less than a month before the Mexican 1000, Paul takes #12 through the  forest roads of Netarts Oregon. 4/21/14