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This is not counting your race car, the prep, fuel, transportation to and from Baja, Mexican insurance, motels, food, spare parts, a chase crew, stickers for the Mexican children, bribes for the military check points guards  and the list goes on. So if you can come up with $4-$5000 in addition to your car, you can have the time of your life. Or if you can scrape together $8,000 you can rent an ultra 4 V-8 buggy from Dave Cole and really go nuts. Or if you are a Herbst family member, the company will keep throwing fat checks at you and your crews until you win. Yay team! I digress, sorry.

    Kent bought his ’69 VW already built and prepped and entered into the class: Vintage Modified VW Sedan. Kent has never raced before of any kind. Kent had around $7,000 in the car.

    Paul was familiar with the M1k, having competed in 2011 & 12 on a vintage Honda 350 motorcycle. In 2013 Paul’s wife wanted to be a navigator in a car so she could be a part of the thrill.  Paul rounded up a small support team to build this urban Outback station wagon into something that could take the flogging of the Mexican Outback. Without extensive modifications, the Subaru fit nicely into the Rally AWD Class, The last time I asked, Paul admitted he also had about $7,000 in the Subie give or take a few thousand (give). This will give the reader an idea of a very bare bones entrance, money-wise, to the M1k. Somewhere into the build in 2013 the Outta Sight team learned that a Subaru had not competed in either of the two Baja races since 1972!

Kent’s VW at tech

inspection in Ensenada