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My wife and I took off mid-day Saturday to La Paz to hang out and relax and wait for the cars to come rolling through on Tuesday. Our plan was to back track onto the course so Debi (my wife) could take some action shots for her fledgling photography business.

Sunday, some 370 miles away en route to La Paz, the race started back in Ensenada. We got settled into an apartment rental on Monday and heard the first report around 2:00pm by text. Team Outta Sight had to change both new rear coil-overs and was running stock struts. This meant they had to miss the last off-road section but spirits were high. So history was repeating itself from 2013. I had no way of knowing at this point if Kent and his VW were still in it except for the spot trackers that each car and motorcycle were required to carry, and the website that tracked these signals locked up and refused to work. 

At 8:42 pm we got a text, “All is great, just met up with #12; they cut a great time on special 2. We’re all headed to Loreto.”  I checked in on Norra’s Facebook update page and it looked like Kent’s VW was on a trailer with broken suspension or brakes.

5/13/2014 Tuesday Morning: The motorcycles started trickling into la Paz where Debi and I have been waiting. We packed up the car with cameras, canopy, lots of water, ice and the dog and went to set up a photo roost and wait for the two underdogs.


David King talking to a Mexican photographer near the end of day 3 waiting for the action.

Approaching the top of the hill required some caution as you could not see anything until you were headed down. Some racers used no caution that I could tell!