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    We found a great little gully about a quarter mile onto the course. It was a bit scary to backtrack on a race course! I hit soft sand and felt the LL Bean Outback settle in. I eased on the throttle and the AWD dug in and pulled us right along, gotta love it!

    We set our canopy up and I did a few practice runs between motorcycles in our Outback so Debi could get her camera settings right. Then we waited in the 100+ degree heat. We did not wait long as the big boys came flying through around 2:30 pm. Some of them approached the top of the hill so fast they slammed on the brakes and the tires yelped on the hard pan as if it was asphalt; totally bizarre. The aggressive drivers did not slow much at the bottom of the gully and got both front and rear air. Debi caught the dust, full on from her perch in the brush about 10’ from the course!

    It was quite a show for the two of us and a handful of Mexicans that knew of this spot. We let out  spontaneous yells as the dust flew. I was taking pics with my smart phone on burst mode, Debi using her Nikon 5200 w/55-300 lens for some awesome stop action pics. This was a new experience for me. To be able to watch a tiny portion of the race instead of sitting on the highway waiting for our car to show up was too much fun. With a 1000 mile long race course one spot never gets too crowded. We were enjoying the action from 2:30 to 6:30 and I was getting nervous that we had not seen either the Outback or VW come blazing through.  However, the rollover-Toyota 4- Runner #468 (Mexican team from Ensenada) were still in it and driving like El Diablo was chasing them! I am not easily impressed by watching racing but OMG! (See photos). Having worked for Toyota for 5 years, I knew they made tough trucks but I am still impressed to see them take this kind of beating. Just think: these scenarios go on all day for 4 days far away from anyone watching; except for the Herbst team that has a helicopter fly along for their chase truck and personal photographer.


2014 Norra 1000 The Santibáñez Racing Brothers rocked this dip! Day 3, Special 2. Thanks for the thrill!