2015 Cortez Rally and Mexican 1000††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† HOME† |† PREVIOUS | NEXT


Debi and I opted to wait in Ensenada where the Cortez would terminate. We knew there would not be too many photo opportunities to get them in action as there would not be many if any roads in which to follow. When we met Paul and Laura at the finish line, We were shocked to find out that Dorothy was the only car to finish the race. Another 1st place trophy!

The finish line at Horsepower Ranch was anticlimactic.† The few people at the finish were the organizers, our team, Paul, Laura and† Dorothy. Everyone else was registering for the next dayóMexican 1000. It was not until later than I realized how significant this win was. I realized that in years to come, if a person looks up the winning car of the very first Cortez Rally (now called the Sonora Rally) they will find it was a Ď97 Outback from the Outta Sight Racing Team!

All the clutter inside the car has a purpose.† Most of it is navigational aids. In a rally like this, speed is only one factor to winning and further down the list. The car has to be reliable. Paulís mantra to me was, ďIf I donít finish, I canít win.Ē Next, the driver has to know the limits of his machine. Just as important as these two, are going the right way. This makes the navigatorís job very important and Paul praised Laura for her increased skills for heading him in the right direction.