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Here we are in Ensenada with the car unloaded. We are in a campground only a few blocks from the start of the race.

Dirt bikes fly up and down the city streets. The buggies will join in as they get here. Gotta love Mexico! The campground is fairly primitive, they do have toilets but no toilet paper, however they do provide a plastic trash can next to the toilet for the used tp. In Mexico there are many places you don't flush the paper.

Whenever we told anyone about our plans for a third trip down to Baja, the first reaction is always:

"What about the dangers of Mexico ? The water, the cartel, the murders, the drugs, the ROUS . . ."
"Oh, the Rocks Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist! "

It all depends on where you go, Mexico has it all!

The 2015 Mexican 1000

Baja Green, our 03 Outback looks ridiculously overloaded only because it was. We planned on camping in the desert for 3 days, taking pictures, then Debi staying a month in a rented house that was lacking a few things, so we decided to bring everything!

Stats: avg mpg= 18. Avg mph 70. Additional weight: 1000 lbs... aprox.

Paul and Cory drove the race car to Baja again this year. He reported an average 23 mpg!