The Bible’s Table of Contents

Preface to This Website

God could have laid out His truth in a point by point outline form as in a syllabus. Instead He revealed knowledge about himself and his plan for mankind in stories, histories, prophecies, voices from heaven, inanimate objects, songs, pithy sayings and finally through the vocal cords of his son, Jesus Christ.


This site was originally printed out as a long six foot chart. It illustrates the major doctrines (theology) in roughly the order in which they were revealed through the centuries. I say roughly because page one has truth about God himself and the trinity. Biblical truths do not necessarily have an order, but are woven throughout the whole Bible.


The value of the chart to me, is it clarifies the order of God's revealed knowledge. To talk to someone about the redemptive work of Christ, it helps to clarify what we need redeeming from. This brings up the doctrine of sin, which means there was a law laid down which someone first broke. So we go clear back to the first man and woman. Now you have quickly back-tracked through the logical progression of God's truth about his world. Now try explaining about the end times. What a huge task to backtrack all the way to creation and God the father.


Step into any church service, Sunday school class or lecture series without a working knowledge of Biblical theology and you are almost always confused. A lot of Christians, think the way to evangelize the unsaved is to get them into Church. I disagree. You are just asking that person to be confused. I say introduce them to Jesus, if they accept him as Lord, give them a quick overview of theology and then sit with them through a church service and then follow up with plugging that sermon or lesson into the chart. Note: people can and are saved every week through attending Church but it was not the method of Christ or the disciples.   


Final Explanation of this web site: This site is also a large file folder for all my Bible studies (and others) that I have collected since high school. It will take a few years to get all my notes and writings plugged in. But this will preserve what I have done and serves as a back up for all my hard work over the years.

Necessity of Studying Theology


1. To establish truth in the face of error 1 Timothy 4:1-6—If we don’t know the word of God we have nothing to say. If God is dogmatic, we must be dogmatic. If the Bible is silent on a church’s  tradition then it is not a necessary dogma.


2. To teach the whole council of God Acts 20:27—This will minimize Biblical error & misinterpretation.


3. To develop Godly character 2 Timothy 2:15, Col. 1:9—If we don’t know the word, we won’t know how to behave. Wrong behavior can be traced back to wrong thoughts about God: Example of Eve believing God to be selfish, or just not trusting what he said.


4. To ensure the health of the church 1 Timothy 3:15—“If I am delayed, you will know how people ought to conduct themselves in God’s household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.”


5. By studying systematically we gain a higher level of knowledge Luke 24:13-35—Incomplete knowledge leaves one with incomplete wisdom. The more we know about the word of God, the more effective for Christ we will be.


6. The more of God’s word in our life the more spirit filled we will be. Col. 3:16 & Eph. 5:15—The Bible equates the word of God not only with Jesus but with the Spirit.


7. Man is naturally unable to know God. Psalm 50:21—the man without God’s revelation thinks God is like himself.


Updated 7/6/2015